Sugarbabe's Pounds

"pounds you don't mind"

Introducing.... Sugarbabe's Signature Pounds!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Sugarbabe's Special Recipes are ready for you to enjoy!!

I have been working on a recipe to call my own. Most know that pound cake consist of 4 to 5 main ingredients; flour, butter, eggs, sugar & some type of liquid such as milk or heavy cream etc. So there won't be a vast difference in any pound cake, other than texture, moistness & flavor..

We now have: Sugarbabe's Signature Pound Cake

                                    Orange/Pineapple Pound

                                    Cherry/Lemon Pound



And my dear husband came up with the next idea and I'm going to call it Honey's Chocolate Milk Pound

Try 1 or all, I'm sure you will enjoy!!

Bridgette Saddler

 Sugarbabe's Signature Pound

Orange/PineappleSignature Pound